6 – Standing out from over 250,000 other podcasts in iTunes| ft. Jordan Harbinger

Jordan and A.J Harbinger started the Art of Charm podcast over five years ago as a hobby. They never intended for it to become a business, rank in the top 50 of iTunes, or turn into over 400 episodes. The Art of Charm has seen guests such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Neil Strauss, and many [...]

5 – How to Make $10,000 Per Month Selling Digital Products With Your Blog | ft. Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the founder of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. He's lived the laptop lifestyle for over ten years, having figured out how to make a sustainable income online. He coaches people on how they can make over $10,000 per month with their blog. The model he focuses on is developing digital products and creating sales funnels. In [...]

4 – Europe’s Best Comeback after 12 Years of Failing | Pat M. Powers

What do you do when you're so broke you can't afford to get home after a networking event? When you literally have to sell something at the event to make it home? Pat M. Powers suffered like this for 12 years. But now, he's dubbed one of Europe's leading copywrite and small business marketing experts. [...]

3 – How to Productize Your Service | ft. Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens, by the age of 24, had started two successful companies that each gross over $1 million in annual revenue. He is the founder of SnapInspect which is a property inspection app that automates home inspections for property managers and serves over 2000 clients in over 16 countries, and a Digital Marketing Agency that [...]