From $12K in debt to $1.6 Million in Less Than 12 Months


In 2017, Chris Prendergast was sitting on a musical goldmine he had no idea how to tap.

He loved nothing better than playing electric guitar, but it meant having to haul and set up loads of bulky, heavy equipment.

Determined to create something smaller and easily portable, he came up with the idea for JamStack — the world’s first attachable guitar amp.

He knew people would go nuts over his design, but he wasn’t sure of the best way to get it up and running.

One thing he did know was that he needed a working prototype. Chris partnered with a top industrial design firm to make his dream come to physical reality.

But in order to get to production, the design firm had some conditions…

They agreed to produce JamStack at cost, which is all Chris could afford if he gave them a return on a successful crowdfunding campaign.

As he did his homework and dug deeper into the world of crowdfunding, he was left with even more questions and uncertainty than when he started…

Which platform should he use — Kickstarter or IndieGoGo? Could or should he do both?

How would he get people to find his page, let alone actually invest in his idea?

What did he need to do on social media to help get the word out?

Should he run ads, or were they a waste of money? And if he did, what should they say, and how do you make sure they’re effective? Should they go to his crowdfunding page straightaway? Or was there a more effective method?

The more Chris explored, the more he realized he knew very little about creating and executing a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Chris knew he had an incredible product on his hands. And he knew JamStack’s crowdfunding campaign would be incredibly successful in the right hands. He had to find the best crowdfunding manager he could get.


The First Steps


Being part of a band meant Chris knew the value of teamwork, and how important it is to find a stellar backup.

Using that knowledge and research skills he developed from a degree in physics, he was getting clarity on the type of person he needed help from. Someone smart, talented, and experienced enough to develop and masterfully execute each component of the campaign.

The campaign would require a lot of strategic planning across multiple platforms like social media and email, and he’d need a solid funnel in place to drive traffic.

He needed someone who could clear the murky path before him and help him overcome all the seemingly monumental barriers he was facing. Someone who could take him from ground zero to a boatload of money.


Khierstyn to the Rescue


During his research on top professionals in the crowdfunding industry, Khierstyn Ross of Crowdfunding Uncut caught his eye.

He reached out to her, hoping she’d be interested enough to partner with him.

“Khierstyn and I instantly clicked,” he says. “She was a straight talker, intelligent, and got excited when she saw [the] potential.”

His passion and dedication won her over, and they joined forces to create a campaign that would make JamStack a crowdfunding legend.

Chris said Khierstyn’s enthusiasm for his efforts was a big motivator for him. And he needed all the motivation he could get to persevere through the rough times.


The Master Plan


Khierstyn and Chris started by creating a strategic game plan with a clear path to their goal. Chris learned how to dig into his market’s #1 pain point, and to this day says the information he got from Khierstyn’s guidance on market research alone was worth the investment.

Throughout each step of the process, she gave Chris support and counsel on what to do, and when.

He was relieved that he didn’t have to face or figure out how to create and optimize a funnel on his own. And he was grateful for Khierstyn’s help in choosing the best email service provider for his needs.

She took care of what seemed like an infinite amount of details, from finding a writer for all his copy to taking care of graphics, design, and tracking analytics.

Khierstyn handled all the hairier aspects of the campaign so Chris could have the time and space he needed to focus on other areas.


Sink or Swim


Audience building is the lifeblood of any crowdfunding campaign, and if you don’t get in front of enough people, your crowdfunding efforts will be a flop, no matter how great your product is.

Khierstyn developed a high-conversion funnel that put JamStack in front of thousands and helped Chris build a following using strategies that enticed customer engagement and loyalty.

Using real-time analytics to see how his audience was behaving, they were able to continually optimize the campaign for maximum exposure and conversions.

With a great understanding of his customers, a strong funnel and presentation, and real-time analytics, Khierstyn and Chris enchanted thousands of followers.

And they had proof of their success — an impressive 10% conversion rate.

JamStack raised more than $360,000 USD on Indiegogo alone.

That’s a whopping 19,780% over Chris’s initial revenue goal. Not surprising considering the $50,000 raised in less than 24 hours…


Shared Success


And now?

Not only are his investors making money hand over fist, his company is now valued at well over seven figures. He’s made his dream of a debt-free, multi-million dollar company a reality.

Though the journey took hard work and dedication, it was made possible by having Khierstyn at his back every step of the way.

She supported him through everything and helped him get through a multitude of challenges as well as scale to new heights. Their partnership gave Chris a solid business strategy, continual momentum, and unparalleled support that helped get his dream off the ground.

After getting an in-depth look at what makes a super-successful marketing campaign, and taking all he learned from Khierstyn about marketing his product, Chris is equipped to continue taking his business to the next level.

“Now, I’m full time and my own boss, and love the control it gives me in my life.”

And the best part? (Well, aside from the money and success…)

Seeing his passionate supporters raving about his product and thanking him for its availability, and sharing how excited they are to get one. The response and backing of his audience have been incredible, and the rewards go way beyond the multi-millions.

Though, having a multi-million dollar business isn’t so bad, either…


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