In today’s episode, we take a look at how, a current planner brand that’s getting ready to release their latest planner, is using Instagram Giveaway contests to gain brand traction and build their audience.

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Jocelyn Schade launched Madness Planner on Shopify earlier this year. Madness Planner, as I like to describe it, is the un-planner for creatives.

Planners seem to be one of the hottest products to launch on Kickstarter right now.

But when Jocelyn was searching for a tool to help her focus, she couldn’t find one system that really worked for her.

And that’s how she got the idea to create a planner for those Mad Ones. The ones that don’t want to conform to a system… but want to create your own.

[Me = Guilty]

So, needless to say, she’s sold out of her first 500 units fairly quickly.

Jocelyn decided to go to Kickstarter for Version 2.0 of Madness Planner. She decided to take the launch slow and treat that first “500 sold on Shopify” as a way to get customer feedback and focus on creating an even better product for round 2 (Kickstarter).

Part of her early success has been how she’s used Instagram Giveaway Contests to build her email list + get early sales. 

Listen to our latest episode to see how she used Giveaways to build her list by hundreds in a few short months.

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