CFU 109 – Ever thought of doing an Ironman Triathlon to hack Entrepreneurship? | feat. David Roher

My guest today is David Roher. We’re talking about doing things that people may think you’re crazy for doing. We recently completed an Iron Man Triathlon. It was the hardest endurance activity I could have ever done.


[03:36] How David Knew He Wanted to do a Triathlon

David and his wife live an average life. When David was 38 his father had a heart attack. To help with his therapy he made his dad exercise. He started hearing about triathlon’s and it was something that interested him. He got into it and immediately began to love it. He determined that he was finally good at something outside of his work.

He went to North Carolina for a seminar on coaching. He then became a certified coach and began realizing what he liked about himself. He wanted to impart this feeling to other people. Most people when they complete a triathlon stop there. It’s more of a bucket list item for them. To David, it became more of a lifestyle. It transformed his outlook and approach to life.

Completing the iron man triathlon gave him empowerment. He dedicated a year of his life to achieve this goal. It was a very difficult task to the point where David felt like he was going to die. The end goal of reaching the finish line was his motivation to continue through. He set a goal that is beyond most people’s capacity and provide you can do almost anything you put your mind to.


[16:23] Prepare Yourself for a Triathlon. Same as you Would in Business.

It’s important to properly prepare when attempting a triathlon. It’s difficult to understand what is expected before going into it. Being prepared for what you can expect will bring you success. The same translates to business. When you’re more prepared in a situation the easier it is to execute.

You can feel defeated when you’re not properly prepared. Going into a situation where you’re not prepared can lead you to not wanting to do so again. This can be a barrier when faced with new opportunities. David set goals and prepared himself for the triathlon’s he’s completed. Remember, you can’t prepare for everything.

When training for a triathlon David was in an accident with a vehicle while on his bike. When he got home he realized there was an issue with his arm. After visiting the hospital, he found out he had broken his arm. Despite this David was still committed to doing the triathlon. He continued to work hard and train to complete the triathlon. He soon realized that his injury was causing him to take longer to complete activities.

He could have gone home and said at least he tried. Instead, he continued and worked hard to reach his goal. The amount of training required is daunting. He was able to use his training tactics towards improving his life.


[25:48] Take Time to Train

An average training week for David isn’t a normal training week for other people. He doesn’t have a normal schedule as he teaches and tutors. Having a coach when training is important. Coaches will train you based on their experience and not yours. This is a good thing when you have limited experience.

A normal training time for people would be 5 out of 7 days. Each day would be set with different exercises to train on. You should have two long exercises, two medium exercises, then one small exercise. David’s training schedule is a bit more intense than that. He pushes himself beyond the frustration of discomfort.


[31:10] Celebrate the Small Accomplishments

It was terrifying for David to become an entrepreneur. The reason he went with teaching is that it was a safe bet. While it has its unique challenges it’s nothing like running a business. He started becoming an entrepreneur when he became a coach. He began to realize he liked working with people in a more freedom-oriented environment. He wanted to encourage others to achieve their goals.

Mindset is huge. Your body can tolerate a lot of stress and frustration. Many entrepreneurs get stuck. They have mind barriers put up that prevent them from getting to their goal. We need to celebrate the moments where we feel we’re going to fail. Otherwise, we end up sabotaging ourselves. Put benchmarks in place on your journey and keep yourself accountable to your goals.


[40:54] Bounce Your Ideas off Someone

Don’t get caught up in the narrative in your head. You could have the best product and put all you have into it. Yet, your strategy could be off. You might not be aware of the opportunities available to bring it to market. Have a sounding board where you can bounce off ideas. If you stay living in your head, you could miss many opportunities.


[42:20] Contact David

If you want to reach out to David you can e-mail him at


Episode Outline

Introduction: Being an Entrepreneur is Like Doing a Triathlon

[03:36] How David Knew He Wanted to do a Triathlon

[16:23] Be Prepared for a Triathlon. Just as you Would in Business.

[25:48] Take Time to Train

[31:10] Celebrate the Small Accomplishments

[40:54] Bounce Your Ideas off Someone

[42:20] Contact David

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