93 – A Deep Dive Into Facebook Marketing Strategy | feat. Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen is a Facebook marketing strategy specialist. In this episode, she helps you dig deeper into Facebook advertising and shares her most helpful tips and insights into how to do it well. Rachel provides solid answers to detailed questions. Listen to this interview to learn how to use Facebook ads in a way that will stand out, engage your audience, and lead to a successful product launch.

Targeting: Who is your potential market, and what message will resonate with them?

The first step in preparing for your product launch is to identify your potential audience and find out what message will resonate with them. In this episode, Rachel Pedersen explains how vital this step is to your entire Facebook marketing strategy, and details the ways you can test your market so that you don’t spend money on ads that may be ineffective. Listen to this interview to find out how to set yourself up for success by knowing ahead of time what is going to attract your market.

How to write good copy for Facebook ads

Good copy is essential to effective Facebook marketing strategy. As Rachel Pedersen says, “If your copy isn’t explaining the benefits of your product very well it doesn’t matter what audience you send it to.” In this episode, Rachel provides instruction on what good copy includes, how to find examples to base your copy on, and how to then test your copy to be sure it resonates with your market. Listen to this podcast to get a head start on writing great copy for your Facebook ads!

How e-mails and Facebook ads work together for a successful product launch

Your e-mail audience is your warmest audience. They have already indicated interest in your product. In this episode, Rachel Pederson talks about the importance of communicating with them, and gives tips for targeting Facebook ads to your e-mail audience so that they see your product launch everywhere and don’t forget to be part of it. Listen in to learn about using your e-mail audience as a vital part of your Facebook marketing strategy.

Tips for creating a lookalike audience on Facebook

Is the best Facebook audience a lookalike audience based on your e-mail list? The answer to that question depends on several factors, including the size of your e-mail list. In this interview, Rachel Pederson explains what is needed to create an accurate lookalike audience, and how to make adjustments as you gather more data. Listen in to learn about creating a lookalike audience and to gain other helpful tips and insights from this Facebook marketing strategy expert.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:56] Introduction to Rachel Pedersen and this episode on Facebook marketing strategy
  • [5:02] Figuring out who your market is and how your message resonates.
  • [6:50] Why is the testing and validation part so important to not skip?
  • [8:36] Defining online sales funnels.
  • [9:05] How and when to test your audience, copy, and creatives.  
  • [11:42] How to write good copy for Facebook ads.
  • [13:40] Taking into consideration the flow of how someone reads a Facebook ad.
  • [15:55] How and when is the right time to boost a post when you might get more traction with it, based on having social proof already?
  • [17:55] The relationship between engagement and social proof.
  • [19:32] Is there a default objective that people should start with?
  • [21:02] Thank you to our sponsor: BackerKit
  • [22:06] How can we apply re-marketing to future campaigns?
  • [24:10] How e-mails and Facebook ads work together for a successful product launch.
  • [26:14] The importance of communicating with your crowdfunding audience.
  • [26:55] Driving a cold audience to your Kickstarter campaign.
  • [28:12] Remember to use gifting holidays that fall into your campaign dates.
  • [28:35] Tips for creating a lookalike audience on Facebook.
  • [32:16] Is there any easy way to import Kickstarter conversion data into FB or a third party tool to make it easy to calculate cost per acquisition?
  • [34:30] What Rachel Pedersen looks for when people want to work with her for their product launch.
  • [36:40] What’s your favorite product you have ever worked on? Wish I had worked on. Travel purse. My favorite is Pavlock. Cool to be part of that and see how it progressed. Maniche. I like taking on innovative mommy products.


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