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Do You Have an Amazing Product That We Should Know About?
Nathan Chan,
CEO of FoundrMag.com
How We Work With Your Crowdfunding Launch
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Project Portfolio: 

Maneesh Sethi,
CEO of Pavlok.com
"Khierstyn is an amazing boom to our business. She helped us run our second crowdfunding campaign… and helped us raise over $300,000 more than our first campaign. She was an excellent lead, took care of everything. I highly recommend her and her team."
Who We Work With

We work with entrepreneurs, startup founders, and small business owners to launch awesome products through crowdfunding engines like Kickstarter + Indiegogo.

If you have an amazing product that you’re super passionate about, and you’re ready to launch it online, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we decide to work with each other, we’ll spend a lot of time together making sure we’re the right fit. If we are, I will work tirelessly with you to make sure your campaign is a huge success.
Most of my clients have a few things in common:

They have a product that is ready for launch

This is the baseline for us to work together. If you have a specific product that is ready for launch, then I can absolutely help you. Together, we will develop + market an awesome campaign. 

They are confident they’ll earn back their money

My clients sign on with me because they believe in investing in their future, and because they trust my expertise. They know that they have a great product, and are confident that working with me will pay for itself. If I don’t think your product has a good chance at big-time success, I won’t take your money.

They are hustlers: they work hard for their results

My clients are not the type of people who sit back and hope for the best. They are go-getters, focused and driven, prepared to do whatever it takes to make their product a major success. They work hard, they meet deadlines, and they follow through till the end.

If this sounds like you, please keep reading to see how we can work together on your product launch.
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