98 – Your Customer Base Is Your Best Resource for Product Innovation| feat. Jason Tafler

When Jason Tafler switched from the world of corporate start-ups to designing his own product, he purchased technology and an e-mail list from a company who had a product similar to what he wanted to create. But rather than just move forward to design his product the way he wanted it, he did a survey of the customer base to find out what was important to them, and let their feedback influence his product design. On this episode, Jason shares the fascinating story of his journey toward creating an interactive meditation product and the role that his customer base played in both the design and the launch of Unyte.

Using NPS (Net Promoter Score) to help you fine tune your product

When Jason Tafler was developing the Unyte interactive meditation product, he found that using NPS (Net Promoter Score) helped him figure out where to improve and where to focus. On this episode, he explains what NPS is and how he used a single question survey of his customer base to get the feedback that he needed, including real time transactional NPS. List to today’s interview to learn about this tool that can provide the feedback you need for successful product development.

What is the best source of traffic and sales for your crowdfunding campaign?

There are many online sources for traffic and sales for your crowdfunding campaign. Jason Tafler was surprised by some of the sources that did better, or not as well, as he expected. On this episode, he shares the percentages of his backers that came from various sources. Listen to find out how the percentage that came from his existing customer base was the biggest surprise of all.

Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo – Which should you choose?

For those who are new to crowdfunding, it can be difficult to choose which platform to use. In today’s interview, Jason Tafler explains why he chose the platform he did, what he likes about it, and what makes him wonder whether he made the right decision. Listen in for an honest discussion about the pros and cons of Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Jason Tafler’s advice for entrepreneurs new to crowdfunding

Jason Tafler has had a successful Kickstarter campaign for his Unyte interactive meditation product. On this episode, Jason shares a couple of warnings for others who are looking to do the same. A Kickstarter campaign doesn’t necessarily result in a successful, sustainable business. Listen in to find out how much work it took for Jason to launch his product, and what he needed to do outside of the Kickstarter platform to achieve success.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Introduction to our sponsor, BackerKit, and today’s guest, Jason Tafler.
  • [3:06] Jason’s story – how he decided to focus on an interactive meditation device?
  • [10:38] How the ability to calm your mind can help you in other areas.
  • [12:58] How Jason acquired technology from another company and developed it into a new product.
  • [17:09] Using your customer base to get the feedback that you need.
  • [20:26] What is the Net Promoter Score, and how did Jason Tafler use a survey to figure it out?  
  • [24:10] Thank you to our sponsor, Backer Kit.
  • [25:13] Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo.
  • [28:16] What is the best source of traffic and sales for your crowdfunding campaign?
  • [35:49] Jason Tafler’s advice for entrepreneurs new to crowdfunding.
  • [41:02] Jason’s plans and Khierstyn’s advice for the last three days of the campaign.
  • [46:35] Using Indiegogo In Demand for passive income.
  • [48:54] What crowdfunding can do for your brand launch.

Resources Mentioned

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