92 – How to Get Backers Outside of your Crowdfunding Campaign | feat. Jim Chao

Jim Chao is the co-founder of Silly Peach Perfect Potty and TK World’s First Stainless Vaccuum Insulated Cycling Bottle. He has over 10 years of internet marketing experience. In this episode, Jim shares key principles that contribute to a successful product launch. In a recent campaign, Jim combined his crowdfunding and internet marketing experience to use a webinar to fund his campaign the first day. Listen in to find out you can get backers through using a webinar.

How to choose and validate a crowdfunding project

How do successful crowdfunders choose products that will sell? And how can they know for sure that they will sell? In this episode, Jim Chao details his process of identifying a problem, offering a solution, and then making sure that his solution will offer value and draw in a significant market. If you want to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, listen to this interview and learn from Jim’s insights on how to choose a product and get backers.

Leverage your crowdfunding campaign to give you a successful Amazon launch

Jim Chao is a successful Amazon seller who has learned over the last three years to leverage his crowdfunding campaigns to prepare him for a successful Amazon launch. In this episode, Jim discusses current trends on Amazon and provides helpful advice for providing more value and using crowdfunding as a publicity tool. If you want to sell on Amazon, this interview will make you aware of current trends and help you make good decisions on what to sell and how to go about it.

How Jim Chao used a webinar to get 70% of his funding from his personal network

When Jim Chao launched TK World’s First Stainless Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle, he got over $20,000 in funding outside of his crowdfunding campaign, by offering a webinar to his personal network. In this episode, Jim explains how he decided to try this, and what he did that made it successful. Listen in to learn about this innovative idea that can help you get backers even when you don’t have a lot of funds to invest in advertising.

How to use a webinar to get backers for your crowdfunding campaign

Jim Chao combined his experience in internet marketing and e-commerce to spark the idea of using a webinar to get backers for his crowdfunding campaign. In this episode, he shares the details of how he set up the webinar and chose rewards for his backers and gives advice on how you can make this work for your campaign even though your product and your network may be different from his. Listen to this interview to get practical ideas on how you can use a webinar to get backers outside of your crowdfunding campaign!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:57] Introduction to Jim Chao, co-founder of Silly Peach Perfect Potty.
  • [3:46] Jim’s story and the trends he sees on Amazon.
  • [7:12] Two great benefits of crowdfunding.
  • [7:55] Leverage your crowdfunding campaign to give you a successful Amazon launch.
  • [10:11] What you need to do before you get to your Kickstarter.
  • [11:49] What is perfect potty? How did Jim Chao validate it?  
  • [15:04] How to choose a product for your crowdfunding campaign.
  • [19:48] How Jim used a webinar to get 70% of his funding from his personal network.
  • [24:13] Break and sponsor information
  • [25:17] How Jim invited his network to his webinar.
  • [30:25] Tips for how to use a webinar to get backers from your personal network.

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