91 – Product Manufacturing and Fulfillment Best Practices | feat. Filip Valica

At what point in my project is it best to work on the product manufacturing and fulfillment side of things? Shouldn’t I wait until after I have funding? Actually, quite the opposite is true. If you get funded and can’t fulfill products, your campaign will fail. It is important to know what your manufacturing process, supply chain, and costing look like, all before you launch, so you can set an appropriate funding amount. Listen to this episode to get all the information you need about manufacturing and fulfillment from today’s guest, Filip Valica, founder of The Product Startup.

The prototyping process: when and how to do it

Having the prototyping conversation before your product launch gives you the advantage of being able to accurately set pricing and know that you can fulfill your orders. On today’s episode, Filip Valica explains the prototyping process, how to do it cost-effectively, and why customer feedback is crucial at this point in product development. Listen in to get all the details you need for prototyping and product manufacturing, so that you can stay ahead of the game and be well-prepared for a successful launch!

Avoiding the #1 pitfall in the early stages of product development

Want to avoid making significant mistakes in the early stages of product development? Today’s guest, Filip Valica, provides the insights you need and talks about the number one pitfall in the early stages of product development, and how to avoid it. You will also hear key tips about product design, keeping your brand consistent, and how to prevent having your product ripped off by an overseas manufacturer. Listen in to get valuable information that will set you up for successful product manufacturing and fulfillment!

How to choose a domestic or international manufacturer

Choosing a qualified manufacturer is essential to the success of your product. On this episode, Filip Valica explains the differences between domestic and international manufacturers and the benefits of each. He also details important criteria to consider, the best ways to find and vet a potential manufacturer, and why you need to be personally involved in the process. Listen in to get all the information you need to choose a product manufacturer that will enable you to successfully fulfill your product.

How to design appropriate packaging for your product

When is the right time to design packaging for your product? What are the important considerations? In this episode, Filip Valica provides valuable details and insights about image, branding, safety, and cost-effectiveness for product packaging. He also discusses why knowing your audience is a key factor in package design. Listen in to hear all of this and more on this deep dive into product manufacturing and fulfillment best practices.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:21] Thank you to our sponsor, BackerKit.
  • [2:02] Introduction to Philip Filip Valica and this episode on product manufacturing and fulfillment.
  • [4:54] When to start getting into the manufacturing and fulfillment side of your project.
  • [6:43] Why have the prototyping conversation before launch?
  • [8:37] What does the prototyping process look like?
  • [11:34] Simplifying your product for the best result.
  • [13:57] The #1  pitfall during the early stage of development.
  • [15:21] How to choose a domestic or international manufacturer.
  • [18:07] Thanks to our sponsor, BackerKit.
  • [19:11] How to find and vet a manufacturer you can depend on.
  • [25:23] Key differences between manufacturers in the US and China.
  • [26:12] Top criteria for choosing your manufacturer.
  • [30:23] How to prevent having your product idea ripped off by an unscrupulous manufacturer.
  • [34:52] How to design appropriate packaging for your product.
  • [40:01] How do you determine when to call it quits on an entrepreneur’s idea?
  • [45:43] How does 3D printing relate to prototyping and manufacturing and how do I learn it?
  • [48:04] Personal qualities Filip Valica looks for in entrepreneurs who work with him.
  • [49:37] Filip’s one piece of advice for the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

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