90 – Using Non-Traditional Advertising for Offbeat Products| feat. Derek Miller

Are you wanting to crowdfund for a product that is offbeat, irreverent, or offensive to the general public? If so, you’ll need to know how to use non-traditional advertising to get the word out to your potential audience. In this episode, successful crowdfunder and consultant Derek Miller shares his experience with launching products and shows in this genre. Listen in and find out how to market your off-beat Kickstarter project!

Why Derek Miller loves crowdfunding for off-beat products

What Derek Miller loves about crowdfunding is the freedom that it allows you to have with your project.  In this episode, Derek talks about the benefits of using crowdfunding for off-beat products, and how much he enjoys being able to call the shots and create what he wants, instead of having a contract with terms defined by someone else. He also loves the positive and supportive crowdfunding community and talks about how to use non-traditional advertising to reach the people who will love his products.  

Have fun with achievement-based campaigns

In Derek Miller’s opinion, traditional stretch-goal methods are overrated. So in addition to using non-traditional advertising, he uses creative and fun achievement-based campaigns for his off-beat projects. In this episode, Derek talks about how his crazy achievement levels create a fun, interactive atmosphere around his stretch-goals and provide free marketing content in the process. Listen in to find out how to have more fun while creating a successful campaign!

When your ads are not allowed on Facebook

When Derek Miller launched his F-Bomb product, Facebook locked his ads account and he had to scrape every bit of profanity from his page to get it unlocked again. So he found other, non-traditional advertising platforms to get the word out about his product. Listen to this episode to find out how to connect with people in your community and run a successful Kickstarter campaign without Facebook ads.  

Why you should ask for help from other creators

When you are launching a product, a know-it-all attitude is a dangerous mindset. In this episode, Derek Miller talks about why it is so important to seek help from other creators and to learn from their experience. There are many landmines in the crowdfunding and production process, including companies out there whose goal is to steal great ideas and get them to production faster than you can. Listen to this episode to find out how connecting with other creators can help you avoid potential disasters.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:03] Introduction of Derek Miller and this episode about how to market something that is offensive to the public
  • [3:28] Derek Miller: Helping people build brands that are off-beat.
  • [6:02] What Derek Miller loves about crowdfunding projects.
  • [8:37] Having fun with achievement-based campaigns.
  • [14:21] When your ads are not allowed on Facebook.
  • [19:36] Our sponsor: BackerKit
  • [20:40] The difference between mainstream and off-beat products.
  • [23:44] Kickstarting the Cyanide & Happiness show.
  • [[28:10] Why you should ask for help from other creators.
  • [31:18] How to protect your product.
  • [37:56] Derek’s “Famous last words.”

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