88 – Becoming a Productivityist| feat Mike Vardy

Would you like to be more productive? Want to feel like you’re in control of your life and schedule? In today’s episode, Mike Vardy shares his story of becoming a productivityist, moving from a recognition of what wasn’t working to finding balance in his work, personal, and family life. Listen as Mike talks about some of the principles of his productivity system so that you can begin today to move toward greater productivity and less stress!

Marry your intention with your attention to become more productive

Are your intention and attention focused on the same things?  As a busy manager of two Costco departments trying to balance his work and personal life, Mike Vardy realized that the system he had was not working. He decided to figure out what would work. Now, Mike shares the system that worked for him so that others can benefit from it as well. In this episode, one of the principles he talks about is the need to marry your intention with your attention to becomeNeither one will work on its own. Listen to today’s interview to learn this principle and more as you get started toward becoming a productivityist.

How to not get lost in your e-mail inbox

As most of us have experienced, e-mail can be a big obstacle to productivity. Do you find yourself bogged down and sucked in by an overfull inbox? In today’s interview, Mike Vardy, The Productivityist, shares his system for getting out of the e-mail trap, not by getting his inbox to zero, but by gaining clarity about what is there. Listen to this episode to find out what you can start doing today to put clear boundaries around your e-mail and stop it from being a productivity trap.

Work with daily themes to gain control of your time and schedule

Do you wake up each morning thinking about what you need to get done today? Do you feel pulled in different directions? Creating daily themes is one way to give focus and clarity to the work that you do and to your personal life as well. In this episode, productivityist Mike Vardy explains how to set your daily themes and coordinate them with monthly themes as well. Listen in to learn this simple, practical way to gain control of your time and schedule.

How Mike Vardy chooses which Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects he will back

In addition to being a productivityist, Mike Vardy has backed many Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. In this episode, he talks about why he backs projects and how he decides which projects will be a good investment for him. If you have or are considering a crowdfunding project, you will want to listen to this conversation for some practical advice on how to ensure a good backer journey.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:57] Introduction of this episode with Mike Vardy, “The Productivityist”
  • [4:20] How did Mike Vardy turn into a productivityist?
  • [13:16] How Mike Vardy discovered his own system for productivity.
  • [20:15] Mike Vardy’s system for not getting lost in his e-mail inbox.
  • [32:35] Work with daily themes to gain control of your time and schedule.
  • [44:05] How Mike Vardy decides which Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects he will back.
  • [55:17] The one thing Mike Vardy recommends to ensure a good backer journey.

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