86 – Facebook Advertising Strategy| feat. Michael Mataluni

If you want to learn about Facebook advertising strategy, Michael Mataluni is someone you want to listen to. In this episode he talks about what you can do to be effective with Facebook advertising, and also gives some great tips about e-mails and Kickstarter. Listen to his story and his insights to get inspired to get working on the launch or the ongoing success of your product.

Why Michael Mataluni recommends Kickstarter instead of crowdfunding on your own website

Thinking to save some money by doing crowdfunding on your own website?  You might want to think again. Michael Mataluni has done it both ways and, in today’s episode, shares his insights on why using Kickstarter is the best choice. After crowdfunding, effective Facebook ads were the key to growing his business. If you are debating how to get your launch started, you’ll want to listen to this conversation and learn from Michael’s experience.

What Michael Mataluni did to raise $500K in 5 hours

Michael Mataluni had a wildly successful product launch, raising a half a million dollars in just five hours. In this episode, he shares the tools that he used to accomplish this. Listen in to find out how he used his e-mail list, the questions he asked his audience, and how he then followed up with an effective Facebook advertising strategy.

Using lookalike audiences to advertise on Facebook

Did you know that you can use your existing list to create a lookalike audience on Facebook and exponentially grow the reach of your ads? You can do this with any size audience and even add extra layers of targeting. Listen to today’s Facebook advertising strategy episode with Michael Mataluni to find out how.  If you don’t yet have a list, you’ll find out how to identify your core demographic and create a target audience from there.

Michael Mataluni’s favorite offer to get people to opt in

You want to bait people to opt in on the first day. Will you offer discounts or free products? In today’s episode, Michael Mataluni tells us about his favorite offer and a tip for how to make it so easy for people that they don’t even have to leave Facebook to sign up. You definitely want to include this in your Facebook marketing strategy!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:21] Michael Mataluni’s story about the launch of Thing Charger and what has happened since then.
  • [5:28] Why Michael Mataluni recommends Kickstarter instead of hosting on your own website  
  • [8:7] What Michael did that raised $500K in 5 hours.
  • [13:45] Using lookalike audiences to advertise on Facebook.
  • [19:15] How to discover your core demographic and use their language in your copy.
  • [26:26] The second you think you’ve arrived, just stop. And listen to other people.
  • [28:14] How to address objections in your campaign.
  • [29:13] Infotainment as advertising.
  • [31:21] Michael’s favorite offer to get people to opt in.
  • [36:15] Michael Mataluni’s favorite people and products to work with.
  • [39:14] Building a strategy for your crowdfunding campaign.
  • [39:54] How are Kickstarter backers and regular consumers different?
  • [42:51] Famous last words. A few last words of advice from Michael Mataluni.

Resources Mentioned


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