84 – Internet Marketing: Effective Email Strategies | feat. Nico Moreno

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Nico Moreno is an internet marketing expert who helped a client make over $500,000 during a 2-week email sequence! In today’s episode, Nico shares his own story along with what he has found to be the most effective strategies in sales emails. You don’t want to miss this conversation full of helpful information and tips for internet marketing.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is essential to effective internet marketing. But what, exactly, is a sales funnel? And what do email strategies have to do with them? In this episode, Nico Moreno gives a clear explanation of the sales funnel and how it helps you be more effective in the sale of your product or service. Listen in to learn to design a sales funnel that will increase your profits!

Nico Moreno’s Story: How he got so good at internet marketing

Nico Moreno was stuck in a typical day job and wanted to get free from it. In this episode, he tells his story, from the first online course he took to the success and freedom that he is enjoying now. Listen to this conversation to hear about the ups and downs of Nico’s journey, to discover the resources he found most helpful along the way, and hear how he developed the email strategies he currently uses to help people successfully launch their products.

Effective email strategies – The 2-week sequence

A 2-week email sequence can help generate a lot of income as you are launching your product. One of Nico Moreno’s clients made over $500,000 in 2 weeks marketing an online course! In this episode, Nico describes the strategy for this e-mail sequence — how many emails to send, what to write about, and how to call people to action. You won’t want to miss this valuable information!

Effective email strategies – getting social proof

Your happy customers can write your headlines and copy for you! Social proof is one of the most effective strategies in sales emails. In this episode, Neil Moreno talks about social proof and the various ways you can obtain it, even before your product has launched. You won’t want to miss this interview full of expert tips for getting your product out there and bringing in highly satisfied customers!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:17] Intro to the podcast email strategies in internet marketing, with Nico Moreno.
  • [5:06] What is a sales funnel?  
  • [6:55] Nico’s backstory – How he got started.
  • [10:47]  Nico’s journey into internet marketing –  The best ways to learn, and his favorite resources.
  • [18:08] Creating a highly effective 2-week email launch sequence.
  • Getting social proof that taps into the right emotions.
  • [41:58] “Famous Last Words” – Nico’s final word of advice.

Resources Mentioned


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