83 – Taking Your Product to In-Store Marketing | feat. Gallant Dill

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Gallant Dill is a high school dropout who became a self-made millionaire at age 25. His focus is the in-store marketing – getting products into retail stores after building the brand online. In this episode, Gallant talks about what has made him so successful and what you can do to make the shift from online to in-store. You don’t want to miss this high-energy conversation about the process, the challenges, and the benefits of getting your products into retail.

How to validate a product idea

How do you know if your product idea is something that will sell? How do you test the market before moving ahead? Gallant Dill is an expert at taking products to retail. In this episode, he tells you the questions you need to ask to determine if your product has what it takes for in-store marketing. Listen in and find out how to validate your product and take it to the next level.

Moving from online to retail — the timing

Thinking you’d like to move your product to retail? Is this the right time for you and your product? In this episode, millionaire and in-store marketing expert Gallant Dill details the kind of cash flow you should have from your online business before attempting the move to retail. How do you create that cash flow? You won’t want to miss Gallant’s advice for building your brand online to the point that you are ready for retail.

The challenges of moving from online to in-store

Gallant Dill is an expert in putting products in store. He has learned very quickly what the challenges are and the potential nightmares that could derail your progress. Listen to this episode to learn from Gallant’s experience how to be prepared for the challenges and avoid the pitfalls that can come from not knowing this cut-throat business of in-store marketing.

“Shock value marketing” works!

When you are building your brand online, you need to create ads that will get attention. Gallant Dill calls it “shock value marketing.” In this episode, he talks about doing things that are unique and get people talking about you. “Your network is your net worth.” Listen in to hear Gallant’s ideas about what you can do to be noticed and take your product to the next level!

Outline of This Episode

[2:23] Intro to this episode with Gallant Dill, about placing products into retail after Kickstarter.
[4:24] Introducing Gallant Dill: High school dropout to self-made millionaire.
[10:08] When to choose a physical product, and how to validate it.
[14:15] When should you choose retail instead of online?
[15:44] How do the inventory payments work?
[18:49] What is a buy-back? How can you plan to support this?
[20:52] Gallant Dill’s business of taking people’s product to retail: How and what he chooses.
[24:52] What about partnerships?
[26:57] Break: Sponsor information.
[28:03] Advice for building a brand online.
[33:54] Giveaways and shock value marketing
[42:41] What drives Gallant Dill to be so successful this early in life?

Resources Mentioned

Gallant Dill Website
Book: 10X Rule


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