35 – What Happens After a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign? | feat. Netta Shalgi of G-Ro

We hear a lot about how to build successful crowdfunding campaigns. But, what we don’t hear a lot about is what to do after your campaign. In this chat with Netta Shalgi of G-RO, Khierstyn investigates the importance of understanding how to maintain momentum beyond your crowdfunding campaign. Netta explains that crowdfunding isn’t just a [...]

​34 – How Touchjet Used Consumer Surveys to Nail Product Positioning | feat. Helen Thomas

Each crowdfunding campaign faces its own unique issues. From niche products to technology-based ones, project creators must understand the market before they move forward with the campaign. In this chat with Helen Thomas (founder of Touchjet), Khierstyn discusses how she successfully launched a very futuristic product in spite of facing heavy doubts along the way. [...]

33 – The Facebook Ads Hack That Helped Ravean Raise $1.33M on Kickstarter | feat. Bryce Fisher

When weighing the options for crowdfunding, most project creators opt for a months-long process to ensure optimum success. In some cases, however, time is not abundant. This was the case when Bryce Fisher of Ravean Heated Jackets approached his first Kickstarter campaign. The timeline from idea to prototype to crowdfunding campaign was just a few [...]

32 – How MiFold Used Social Media to Find Their Demographics pre-Indiegogo | feat. Jon Sumroy

If you needed more evidence that crowdfunding can propel a product into a massively successful future, look no further than mifold. The innovative creator behind mifold, Jon Sumroy, takes us through the years-long journey from idea to prototype to product launch. The idea for mifold was born out of necessity, but evolved into an idea [...]

31 – How Aftershokz used Indiegogo to Shape Their Brand Through Customer Feedback | feat. Bruce Borenstein

The power of crowdfunding is clear and Bruce Borenstein helps unlock the potential of this robust fundraising tool. After having success with 3 previous product launches without the use of crowdfunding, Bruce explains the process of choosing to go this route with his 4th AfterShokz product. In this chat with the AfterShokz co-founder, Khierstyn discusses [...]

​30 – How to Crowdfund for Niche Products That Don’t Have A Broad Market | feat. Viktor Grabovsky

It’s no secret that crowdfunding is a powerhouse tool used to aid in the launch of products and projects. What isn’t clear is how you can utilize a campaign for niche products. Approaching a wholly unique market with a crowdfunding campaign brings new obstacles. How can you make the most of your campaign when launching [...]

29 – Indiegogo or Kickstarter? The Future of Tech Product Launches | feat. Steve Tam of Indiegogo

If you’re reading this you know that crowdfunding has revolutionized the first steps smaller companies or founders with big ideas need to take in order to get their products moving toward creation. Now anyone with the idea and the social influence can launch their product using the funds of those who want to see it [...]

​28 – Why Kickstarter Failure Does NOT Mean Business Failure | feat. Jean Leggett

Today’s episode of Entrepreneur:Uncut features Jean Leggett, COO of One More Story Games. One More Story Games was founded in 2013 and began with five brave co-ops in January 2014. To date, One More Story Games has raised $240,000 from friends and family to launch its interactive story writing software, StoryStylus, which aims to create [...]

26 – How to Have Powerful Conversations and Why They Should Matter To You | feat. Stuart Knight

Download the Audio Version Here  On this episode of Entrepreneur:Uncut Khierstyn wanted to focus on a much more foundational area that every entrepreneur needs, the importance of building relationships. Stuart Knight is a guy who’s made it his business to learn the practice of relational intelligence and how to apply it in casual and business [...]

25 – Wildly successful Crowdfunding: The Young Entrepreneur Conference | feat. Brandon T. Adams

Brandon T. Adams is co-founder of an upcoming event that is already poised to be a huge success. The Young Entrepreneur Convention will be happening in Des Moine, Iowa and is going to be a life changing event for many. Already scheduled to speak are John Lee Dumas, Ken Shamrock, and many more high profile [...]

​24 – How He Built Foundr Mag Into A Digital Media Empire With No Experience | feat. Nathan Chan

Today’s guest, Nathan Chan, is wired to be an entrepreneur. He’s built a 6 figure digital publishing empire from scratch, and admits that in the beginning he knew exactly nothing about how to do it. Foundr magazine is a huge entrepreneurial success and there are tons of lessons to be learned from Nathan’s story and [...]

23 – From a job they hated to a business they love | feat. The MerryMaker Sisters

Today’s episode features entrepreneurs Emma and Carla Papas, ”The Merrymaker Sisters” who are also real life sisters. Khierstyn has invited them on the show today to inspire you with their delightful story. The two of them were working full time in jobs they hated when they first started blogging. After a while they began to [...]

22 – 7 Comedy Habits That Will Make You A Better (& More Confident) Public Speaker | feat. David Nihill

What is your greatest fear? According to many polls, public speaking ranks near the top for most people. Today’s guest, David Nihill was no exception. Public speaking caused him a tremendous amount of stress (and still does), but he determined that he was going to overcome the fear - and as he did, he documented [...]

21 – How to Screw Your 9-5 and Create an Online Business with Sustainable Income | feat. Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton was finished - with her long time role as a bartender and with the way her life was going. It all came to a head one early morning after she had endured a long shift and a customer mocked her in the middle of closing down her bar. She was done and began [...]

20 – How to Create a SaaS Product Your Customers Will Love | feat. Nick Francis

Way back in 2010 Nick Francis co-founded a company called Help Scout with two of his friends, Denny and Jared. In just over 4 years Help Scout has become an international company with over 3000 subscribers. How did they take a company from 0 to 3000 in that short period of time? In today’s conversation [...]

19 – From Solopreneur to CEO – Find Leverage in Your Business | feat. Chris Ducker

What is an entrepreneur? If anyone knows what it means to be an entrepreneur it would be Chris Ducker. Chris is a world-famous figure who’s really made it big in the entrepreneurial world. His book “Virtual Freedom” is an Amazon best-seller and his communitywww.YouPreneur.com is abuzz with activity about building a successful business as an [...]

18 – 7 Step Digital Strategy for Quick Customer Acquisition | feat. Warren Knight Think #Digital First

Think #Digital First | Warren Knight Warren Knight is a digital marketing specialist who’s focus is increasing e-commerce through digital and social strategy. He’s the author of Think #Digital First, a step-by-step guide any business can use to move their brand online. Download an Audio Version of This Interview

16 – Mindfulness and Managing Outcomes as an Entrepreneur | feat. Toku McCree

Awareness is a powerful catalyst for change. After 2.5 years in a Zen Monastery, Toku McCree works as an Executive Coach. He helps people become more aware through a combination of mindfulness, exercise, and habit creation techniques. This interview focuses on how we as entrepreneurs get fixated on the outcome we’re trying to achieve, be [...]

15 – 7 Tools You Can Use To Get Traffic & Build Your Audience | feat. Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow is the UK's leading pro blogger and content marketer. She’s one of the top 25 content marketers in Europe, and the top 50 online marketers in the UK according to Top Rank Blog. Forbes has listed one of her sites 3 times as a top website. In this episode we're going to cover [...]

14 – Finding the Best Mentors and Mastering All They Know | feat. Edward Druce

Instead of doing what typical 15 year olds do, Edward Druce decided to get on a train from Wales to London to listen to a talk by a (then) Matthew Hussey. Little did he know that two years later he would become the right hand man for his mentor. Matthew Hussey is the UK’s top [...]

13 – Find and Attract the Best Customers Through Online Marketing | ft. Kenny Goodman

Online marketing is a tricky one. How exactly do you attra ct the right people to your site and turn them into your customer? Kenny Goodman is the founder of FindTheEdge.com. It’s a website loaded with resources and services to help entrepreneurs build semi-automated sales and marketing funnels. This is done with a focus to [...]

12 – Best Practices of Monetizing Your Blog When You’re Just Starting Out | feat. KC Lau

KC Lau discusses the best practices he used for monetizing his blog when he was first starting out. We'll discuss the following revenue models: sponsored ad space, SEO keyword search, creating and selling your own online courses. These principles discussed now allow KC to make more than six figures per year solely from his blog.

11 – Tips To Become A Better Copywriter | feat. Derek Johanson

Derek Johanson is the founder of CopyHour.com. He's been a professional copywriter for the last eight years, and specialises in writing sales pages. After studying the works of the greatest copywriters alive, his income drastically increased once he applied Gary Halbert's 'secret' method. In this interview you'll learn... 1. Just what that 'secret' is, and [...]

10 – Lessons Learned From More Than 100 Top Kickstarter Campaigns | feat. Matt Ward

Matt Ward is a Kickstarter campaign specialist, and founder of Art Of The Kickstart.Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform that helps start-ups get backing for their product, and get around the typical route to investment.He’s interviewed some of the top Kickstarter campaigns, and in this interview will go through some of the main concepts to Kickstarter success. Check out the [...]

9 – How Mark Attwood Used SEO to Create $70 Million In Revenue for TopSkips | feat. Mark Attwood

Mark Attwood created TopSkips.com, the world's first online skip hire service, and since 2003 he’s used SEO has a heavy component to turning over close to $80M in revenue He's opened the brand to become an online national tool and equipment rental business. In 2012 Mark founded Attwood Digital so he can focus on what he loves: teaching entrepreneurs how to [...]

8 – How to Make $7 Million with Affiliate Marketing | ft. James Schramko

James Schramko is the founder of SuperfastBusiness.com. His website is an online platform armed with resources to help the online business get more trafficand convert more sales. He has built a wildly successful career out of selling other peoples product... also known as affiliate marketing. I had the pleasure of speaking to James before he hit his daily [...]

7 – Your Comfort Zone Is Holding You Back From Being The Best Version of Yourself | ft. Till H. Gross

"Do One Thing A Day That Scares You - Eleanor Roosevelt" This quote is the backbone of a website and concept formed by Till H. Gross, Comfort Zone Crusher . Personally, I've been a fan of pushing my limits. Everytime I say I can't do something, I make an effort to get that out of [...]

6 – Standing out from over 250,000 other podcasts in iTunes| ft. Jordan Harbinger

Jordan and A.J Harbinger started the Art of Charm podcast over five years ago as a hobby. They never intended for it to become a business, rank in the top 50 of iTunes, or turn into over 400 episodes. The Art of Charm has seen guests such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Neil Strauss, and many [...]

5 – How to Make $10,000 Per Month Selling Digital Products With Your Blog | ft. Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the founder of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. He's lived the laptop lifestyle for over ten years, having figured out how to make a sustainable income online. He coaches people on how they can make over $10,000 per month with their blog. The model he focuses on is developing digital products and creating sales funnels. In [...]

4 – Europe’s Best Comeback after 12 Years of Failing | Pat M. Powers

What do you do when you're so broke you can't afford to get home after a networking event? When you literally have to sell something at the event to make it home? Pat M. Powers suffered like this for 12 years. But now, he's dubbed one of Europe's leading copywrite and small business marketing experts. [...]

3 – How to Productize Your Service | ft. Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens, by the age of 24, had started two successful companies that each gross over $1 million in annual revenue. He is the founder of SnapInspect which is a property inspection app that automates home inspections for property managers and serves over 2000 clients in over 16 countries, and a Digital Marketing Agency that [...]