I’ve helped creators raise more than $1.1M through
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Khierstyn Ross 2016

Hi! I’m Khierstyn. If you’re launching soon, having a strong audience before you launch is critical to make sure you get funded.

Download our Crowdfunding Toolbox that includes our most popular episodes & 5 Steps to Growing Your Audience Before You Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Are You Ready to Get Your Campaign Funded? 

Are you new to online marketing? You may not know what you need to do to launch a campaign that goes on to get funded.

Launching your product through Indiegogo and Kickstarter is hard work. What they don’t tell you, is the success of your campaign comes down to how well you build your audience and get people really excited to buy before you launch.

Even if you do know what you need to do, do you know how to do it effectively in a way that’s made to get real results?

If you want to learn how to effectively build your audience, validate your idea, create a professional campaign video, and structure your campaign page to get funded, join the waitlist below. Course launches September 2016.